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If I may borrow the words of Martin Luther King Jr., I have a dream! Most importantly, however, is the fact that the belief that all dreams, including mine, are valid, is what has brought me thus far; is what motivates me to go further. Thank you for taking your time to read through this donation request. In the shortest, though thoroughly insightful approach, let me enlighten you on everything you need to know about the Light My Candle Today donation campaign, looking forward towards inspiring you to support the mission. Here we go:

What Inspired the Donation Request?

I promised simple and straight forward, right? Okay. I am sharp. I am creative. And I am confident that I have what it takes to use reggae music towards accomplishing a wide scope of regional, as well as global objectives – for the benefit of the masses. This is my fourth year since I finished my undergraduate studies. I have been surviving in the streets, both figuratively and literally. Yes, I would have already found my way if I wanted. But there is a reason I haven’t started yet.

Problem Scope

You know, getting respectful recognition, irrespective of how articulate one’s message is, is a hassle nowadays. Where I am from, particularly, cash rules everything for real. You see, with my creativity & determination, I would attract the “so called music promoters.” But guess what, the kind of deals I will make with them, as I have come to see, is what has made all my favorite musicians, and other artists, to keep a distance from addressing material issues in the society.

By accepting the help of the local music producers, one’s freedom of speech becomes hugely compromised  …because they are affiliated to the ruling elites that make up the government. You can see the picture. Basically, it is the Vicious Cycle (Circle) – you get in and you are done! It’s the Matrix.

Picture this:

The peace is shaky, the economy is headed towards the ICU, and corruption is the Supreme Leader. But all the music I hear is all about “shake shake that booty…” – something somewhere is really wrong. I mean, it  just, you know, doesn’t add up.

Light My Candle Today

In the pursuit of not jeopardizing the talent (mine) that I feel and I am so sure I have in writing & recording creative and modernized reggae jams, I seek the help of the world wide community. With your help, I will get the necessary limelight without compromising my freedom of speech. The reason for the emphasis on “today” is simple. I know this has been my calling. There is always a way that you can tell about such things. However, by myself, I have figured that I will take quite a long time to raise the optimal amount required to jump-start my endeavor. But I am afraid that with time, the vigor may not be as strong as it is now. Therefore, as the wise men said, “hit the iron when it is hot.” The force is strong within me today. The guts it has taken me to write and share this is enough indication that the time is now. Therefore, if you feel my vibe, my transformative agenda, I welcome you to share in my dream and Light My Candle Today. I cannot explain how much I will appreciate it. Thanks, in advance.

Purpose/Goal of the Donation Request 

The bottom line goal of the Light My Candle Today donation request is to elevate me to a position where I achieve respectful recognition without passing through local music promoters.

I intend to use the donation request proceeds to:

  1. Produce a 6-record EP (revolving around fundamental issues affecting my society, which is probably your society as well). By producing, I mean mixing and mastering the audio records, as well as shooting and editing quality and theme-relevant music videos for the records.
  2. Run a self-funded promotion campaign for my EP. That is, make a professional website optimized for both regional and global reach, as well as utilizing various promotional opportunities accessible through different social media channels.
  3. And in the long-run, start and grow an independent music recording and promotion label that will pave the way for others with the passion for transformative music to express their views with as much ease as possible – in the pursuit of promoting diverse participation on matters revolving national development agenda.

I know it is not easy but that’s okay.

Because we’re (I’m) hopeful!


~ Faith Evans [in Hope from Coach Carter soundtrack]


Note: Even if you are not in a position to donate, simply sharing the post  with others (there are share buttons at the bottom of the page) will be of great help.


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